High resolution study of viticultural adaptation and mitigation scenarios

The project

In the current context of climate change, the wine industry is facing multiple challenges, including adapting its practices and reducing greenhouse gas emissions related to its activities.

In response to these challenges, recognising the need to assess climate and its impact on viticulture at the vineyard scale, the LIFE-ADVICLIM project aims to study climate change adaptation and mitigation scenarios for a range of vineyards which represent the climatic diversity of European wine regions.

The LIFE-ADVICLIM project will develop climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies which can be adapted to European wine regions, and demonstrate their application at the vineyard scale. The project’s measurement network and web platform will enable wine producers to assess the impacts of climate change on their plots, simulate adaptation scenarios, and measure the greenhouse gas emissions related to their practices. These technologies
are being tested on demonstration sites in five European vineyards regions: Cotnari, Rheingau, Bordeaux, Sussex and Val de Loire, thanks to funding from the European Life programme.

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The 2017 vintage in Loire Valley

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The 2017 vintage in Navarra and Rioja

This vintage (2017) will be remembered as the earliest one to date in Rioja and Navarra wine regions. Season advancement was majorly caused by warm temperatures from March until early July. Temperatures in July and August were not far from the average, September being...

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