Territorial analysis of adaptation to climate change and the mitigation of GHG emission measures impact


Action C1 aims to monitor, through the external evaluation of pilot sites, the efficiency and smooth implementation of project methodologies and tools on the environmental problems targeted, and more generally if the project meets its environmental objectives.

This will be carried out through a dedicated monitoring protocol, regularly followed since the start of the project by the demonstration sites’ leaders. A common database is established, drawing from statistical and geographical databases, literature and results obtained from sources such as local soil physical and chemical characteristics, land use information and climate data. This database will help partners to assess the physiological and productive responses of the grapevine in the first instance and, if needed, possible efficiency adjustments. At the end of the project, we expect to estimate the nitrous oxide emissions per pilot site and at the European scale, and, more globally, to analyse the project’s overall environmental impact. An anonymous “plot” case study will be presented.


Action leader

Manfred Stoll

Manfred Stoll





Doctor in viticulture
Hochschule Geisenheim University