Observation and spatial conceptualisation at vineyard scale


Action A1 aims to observe and validate future climate simulations at the vineyard scale.

The objectives are to deploy the already-existing measuring network (development of a system that directly transmits data and provides data on a web platform) and to integrate climate change scenarios in high-resolution climate models.

High-resolution climatic and agronomic observations

The first step is to assess, through the high-resolution network, the spatial variability in each site and perform multicriteria spatial modelling. A connection between each sensor (per site) has been created in order to download real time data continuously via a Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and thus examine them via Internet. Each partner is able to take measurements of vine growth and development, to spatialise the resulting data, and correlate it with high-resolution climatic variables and indices.

High-resolution climatic and agronomic modelling

High-resolution climatic modelling will be performed using the EUROCORDEX models, in order to provide extreme event evolution scenarios in the context of climate change. Agronomic modelling is developed by testing at a very refined scale the GFV model in vinegrowing regions, with temperature data collected with Tinytalk sensors placed within the vineyards.


Action leader

Kees van Leeuwen

Kees van Leeuwen

Professor of viticulture
INRA Bordeaux